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Some of Suwa Nanaka's traits used in this portrayal of Kanan. Can be done without/disregarded to no detriment of threads (these are just for random trivia purposes).

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[Unlike the many other times the same rumor about it came up, everything points to this one being definitely true. Beyond just a "so-and-so heard from their whoever-and-such," there are witnesses. Ruby, with her uncanny ability to stand outside doors at the most (in)opportune moments, overhearing it all and then some. Mari, who has associates among so-called High Society, and has access to their impressive gossip mill information exchanges which move faster than tabloid paparazzi.

After years and years of putting the matter off, the patriarch of the Kurosawa household has finally agreed to an arrangement for his heir apparent to meet a well-regarded young gentleman, a self-made entrepreneur in the modern technology industry. A matchmaking blind date. They don't call it for what everyone knows it is, though the intentions on both ends are clear.

(Kanan had seen the guy on TV once recently, some interview regarding a revolutionary development or whatnot. He had an awkward, shy air about him no amount of coaching could stamp out. The type who would probably get nervous if people so much as raised their voices at him. She wonders whether he even realizes, right now, that he is being set up with somebody more likely to find similarities between him and her little sister, instead of seeing him as a prospective life partner.)

She doesn't expect Dia to be too pleased, under the circumstances.

A call might not get an answer. In the alternative, she sends a short message -- the "read" doesn't appear despite waiting for a couple of minutes, proving her guess accurate.]

Hey. You there?
please do not take advantage of your first aiders like this

A kinda cool girl.
She's good at swimming from a dive!

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